Why join AFSA?

AFSA is the Air Force enlisted organization dedicated to the people behind the stripes. The men and women behind the high tech machinery, the military protocol, the daring maneuvers ... the people who have invested their lives in the cause of freedom in America.

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Each year Congress makes hundreds of decisions on issues that directly affect the lives of enlisted people and their families. Important issues such as medical care, job security, salaries, commissary privileges and other benefits. There was a time when the voice of the enlisted Airman was nowhere to be heard ... until the Spring of l96l, when a handful of men came together to form the Air Force Sergeants Association. AFSA is an international organization dedicated to speaking out on behalf of enlisted Air Force personnel and today, with nearly 135,000 AFSA members, the voice of the enlisted rings strong on Capitol Hill.

AFSA's membership is comprised of Air Force enlistees, both active and retired, of all grades, including Air National Guard and Air Force Reserve, and offers an Auxiliary program for family members of Air Force personnel. The Association's headquarter is in the Airmen Memorial Building just minutes from the U.S. Capitol Building in Washington, D.C., and only one mile from Andrews AFB, MD.

After reading the above pages and based upon your eligibility for membership you may:

  • Contact any of the Chapter executive council members for an application.
  • Send an e-mail to the membership secretary and he/she will either contact you directly or forward you an application.
  • Contact AFSA toll-free at 1-800-638-0594 (Member and Field Services Directorate) to provide the information and pay by Credit Card (VISA, Master Charge or American Express).
  • Sign up on-line at https://www.hqafsa.org/cfform/index2.cfm?page=membership

If you sign up directly with AFSA Headquarters, mention that you want to join Chapter 858 or A858.