President's Message

My name is Don Roden and I am a MSgt, Retired after 22 years of Active Duty and Life Member of AFSA. MSgt LaBeause has resigned for personal reasons and SSgt Frick, Vice President decided not step into the role of President for personal reasons. This left the chapter without leadership and no one to represent Chapter 858 at the Division Convention in Oklahoma City, OK at the end of the month. 

I am stepping in at this time as the Interim President of AFSA Chapter 858 until we can hold elections in the near future. I will also be representing you and the Chapter at the Division Convention at the end of the month.

I will keep you updated on when and where elections and future meetings will be held. I will also be reaching out to you to find out what AFSA and Chapter 858 can do for you.

I am also passing along this message from John R. "Doc" McCauslin, CMSgt (Ret) asking for our help and support by contacting Representative Kline and letting him know that we want his support in congress for the Benefits that will make a difference to us all.

One of my many meetings on the Hill this morning was with the staff of Congressman John Kline from Minnesota. At the last moment, Kline was not available so we met with his military legislative assistant to discuss five (5) bills. Specifically HR178 (SBP-DIC), HR333 (Concurrent Receipt), HR1092 (TriCare fees), HR687 (Mil Spouse Employment Act), and HR3895 (Projection of VA Health Care). The Congressman is a retired USMC Colonel that flew choppers in RVN and as a retiree, he is personally drawing Concurrent Receipt, eligible for the SBP and yet he will NOT sign onto cosponsor any of the aforementioned bills. CAPWIZ, phone calls (1-888-7628760), etc.  Please note that MN is also NOT signed onto the Interstate Compact for Education of Military Children.  According to DOD, there are 25, 818 military in MN (not including families).

Respectfully, Doc